Question About My Bill

If you feel you have a large bill, there are steps we can take to help. 

First, make sure you read your bill correctly. Visit our website for more information on how to read your bill. While we strive to maintain a typical billing period of 28-36 days, factors such as inclement weather, holidays and staffing shortages may cause these periods to increase slightly. Our meter reading vendor reads approximately 70,000 meters manually each monthly. If you have a concern or question regarding a reading, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email at or via phone at 757-664-6700. We will respond promptly to your needs.

If increased usage is due to leak, we urge customers to submit repair invoices to us via email at so that the account may be reviewed for an adjustment. 

Call us when you have questions. Our customer service center receives calls every day. We are transparent in our billing. If at any point a customer feels they’ve been billed incorrectly, they can call us at 757-664-6700. We will send a mechanic out to verify that the meter is working and being read correctly, and that there are no leaks on the city-owned portion of the water line. We will leave a door tag verifying the customer reading. 

Our website offers tips for leak detection as well. 

We can make payment arrangements. In fact, because of the pandemic, we have 24-month payment plans (typically it’s 6 months). Those are handled on a case by case basis. We try to work with customers as much as we can.