General Services - Parking Welcomes NASSCO/General Dynamics

Important information for NASSCO/General Dynamics Parkers

  1. You will enter MacArthur North Garage from Market Street and ST Paul's Blvd. Please reference the picture below. When you receive your pass and permit you must present your pass at the card reader to enter and exit the MacArthur North Garage.
  2. Your pass will not work at the MacArthur South Garage.
  3. Your pass is for your exclusive use and this privilege cannot be transfer. Your pass has been placed in pass-back mode meaning you must have an entry and exit in that sequence, or the pass will not work. If you use your pass for another vehicle to enter your pass will not allow you to enter. In addition, you will receive a sticker to place on the rear windshield of your vehicle for identification purposes please display at all times.
  4. You must park on the roof of the MacArthur facility you are not authorized to park on the 4th floor adjacent to the food court.  If you park there you are subject to a parking citation.
Directions to MacArthur North Garage for General Dynamics NASSCO