Strengthening Neighborhoods

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Strengthening Neighborhoods is a voluntary program that provides eligible participants in target neighborhoods with financial assistance for:

  • Owner-occupied rehabilitation 
  • Rental property rehabilitation 
  • Down payment assistance to first-time homebuyers

The two target neighborhoods currently include Ingleside and Oakdale Farms/Monticello Village.   

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  1. Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation (OOR)
  2. Rental Rehabilitation
  3. Down Payment Assistance

Purpose: Strengthening Neighborhoods OOR is a voluntary program that provides income-eligible homeowners with a grant to make necessary exterior-only residential improvements in targeted neighborhoods. The goal of this program is to provide home improvements in a concentrated area that generate an aesthetic boost to target neighborhoods and improve property values.

Eligibility Criteria: Income-qualified, owner-occupied households are eligible to receive assistance, provided that the property owner meets the household income limits and the property meets all program requirements.

Applicant Eligibility: 

  1. Owns the property as their primary residence.
  2. Only owns one (developed) property.
  3. Is current on property taxes (or paid according to an approved payment plan).
  4. Is current on mortgage payments.
  5. Falls within program income limits (less than 120% area median income)
  6. Is a U.S. Citizen or has current U.S. permanent legal resident status. 
  7. Has owned and occupied the home for at least one (1) year.
  8. Has not received rehabilitation assistance in the last fifteen (15) years.

Eligible Property: 

  1. Is located in one of the target neighborhoods of Ingleside or Monticello Village/Oakdale Farms.
  2. Is a detached single-family home. 
  3. Is not being offered for sale nor intended to be listed for sale within one (1) year from inquiry. 
  4. Deed shows clear ownership.
  5. Utilities are current and operating.
  6. Is suitable for rehabilitation.  A property is considered unsuitable for rehabilitation if it is dilapidated or deteriorated beyond feasible economic repair.
  7. Is covered by homeowner’s insurance and flood insurance (if applicable).

Join the Waitlist

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Prospective applicants who meet the baseline criteria are added to the waitlist. Prospective applicants who do not meet the baseline criteria will not be considered further and will be notified by mail and/or email of the reason for ineligibility and appeal process. 

Selection Process

Waitlisted prospective applicants who qualify for Strengthening Neighborhoods Owner-Occupied Rehab will be prioritized based on location within targeted blocks and zones. 

Lottery Process

On a quarterly basis (June, September, December, March) randomized selection will occur by assigning prospective applicants within each priority tier a unique identifier and utilizing a random number selection process. Selected households will be invited to complete a full application and receive a home inspection by NDHCD staff. NDHCD staff will only select the number of households that funding capacity and contractor availability allows. Based on current funding, it is anticipated that 14 homes will be completed each year.