Call Before You Dig

Miss Utility of Virginia

Miss Utility is the free "one call" Virginia information exchange center for excavators, contractors and property owners planning any kind of excavation or digging. The Miss Utility center notifies all utility providers of upcoming excavation work so they can locate and mark their underground facilities in that area before digging begins.

Marking those facilities that are not readily visible can prevent:

  • Damage to underground utility lines
  • Damage to property
  • Injuries
  • Disruption of service

Additional Information

For additional information on the Miss Utility program, please visit the official Miss Utility website. For more information on the Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act (sometimes referred to as the "Miss Utility Law") please visit the Virginia State Corporation Commission website.

For Contractors

Contractors are encouraged to register for web ticket entry. Web ticket entry allows you to enter your "Miss Utility" tickets (normal, non-emergency) in real time from any Internet connection at any hour of any day including weekends and holidays. Participants may also review utility locators responses to their tickets at any time. Register for web ticket entry.