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Capital Improvement Projects

Through a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) the Department of Utilities builds, maintains and improves the City's water and sewer infrastructure, which includes a vast network of pipes, pump stations, treatment plants and storage facilities. When prioritizing needed projects, the City considers a number of factors including the system's age, current condition and the number of reported repairs or failures. Through long range planning, the City evaluates future needs; however specific CIP budgets and project plans are adopted each year on a one-year appropriation basis. The public plays an important role throughout the annual CIP process by attending City work sessions and public input forums. To discuss water and sewer CIP programs please contact the Bureau of Engineering and Technology at 757-664-6701.

Neighborhood Notifications

  1. 5th Bay St Water and Sewer Replacement
  2. Construction Update - Northside PS15 Phase IV
  3. Meadowbrook Backyard Sewer Replacement Phase 1
  4. 30-inch Water Main Horizontal Directional Drill - 13 DEC 2023
  5. Water and Sewer Asset Verification - 06 NOV 2023
  6. Northside Neighborhood Water and Sewer Project Update
  7. (Harvard Street Traffic Closure) - Wards Corner PS 150 Phase 7 Water & Sewer Replacements
  8. Emergency Repair Bulletin Spotswood Ave
  9. Water and Sewer Asset Verification 9802.61.62
  10. Emergency Repair Project Bulletin Culfor Cres 22 AUG 2023
  11. Hampton Blvd at 24th Street Emergency Water Crossing Bulletin 16 AUG 2023
  12. Granby St and Louisiana Dr Bulletin 10 AUG 2023
  13. Olney Rd. Mowbray Arch Intersection July 25, 2023
  14. Emergency Repair Bulletin Ruffin 17 JUL 2023
  15. Neighborhood Water and Utility Survey June 30, 2023
  16. Neighborhood Water and Utility Survey May 17, 2023
  17. Neighborhood Water and Utility Survey April 20, 2023
  18. Neighborhood Water and Utility Survey April 10, 2023
  19. Emergency Sewer Repair Bulletin Lexan Ave
  20. PS 93 Delayed Construction
  21. Pennsylvania Avenue Grading Plan Construction Update 17 MAR 2023
  22. Northside PS 32 - Survey 3.2023
  23. Neighborhood Water and Utility Survey 27_29
  24. Neighborhood Water and Utility Survey 50_51
  25. Neighborhood Water and Sewer Utility Survey
  26. Construction Update - Northside PS#15 Phase IV
  27. Ballentine Place Neighborhood - Grandy Avenue Water and Sewer Replacement Design
  28. Bayview Neighborhood Water and Sewer Improvements
  29. Berkley Survey Work for Pump Station 60
  30. Bruce's Park Water and Sewer Replacement Design Survey
  31. Five Points Water and Sewer Upgrades
  32. Nancy Drive Water and Sewer Replacement
  33. Northside PS15 Phase IV Beginning Construction
  34. Pelham Street and Dakota Avenue Sewer Improvements Design
  35. River Oaks Neighborhood Phase 2 Water and Sewer Replacement
  36. Sewells Point Road Water and Sewer Replacements
  37. Suffolk Utility Test Hole and Soil Boring
  38. Titustown - Water and Sanitary Sewer Improvements for W. Little Creek Road and Mt. Pleasant Ave.
  39. Trouville Avenue Sanitary Sewer Improvements
  40. Wards Corner Area Master Meters - Construction Update
  41. Larchmont Neighborhood - Surrey Crescent Water Main Replacement
  42. Meadowbrook Neighborhood Sewer Replacement Design
  43. WC PS 150 Ph 7 - Bulletin - Construction
  44. Wards Corner PS 27 - Survey 6.22.2023

Capital Improvement Projects

Multi-phase Neighborhood Water and Sewer Projects