Scooting in Norfolk

Scooters and e-bikes help to achieve the city's objective of greater access to first- and last-mile transportation. They provide reliability and ease of access. Anyone can jump on a vehicle and get to a destination in a couple of minutes!

Lime provides bike service and scooter service through the same app, so anyone who wants to rent a bike can find one in the same place as the scooters.

Rules of the Road (Do's and Don'ts)

Scooter rules of the road graphic

Reporting an Issue

Major issues such as damaged scooters/e-bikes, improperly parked scooters/e-bikes, and scooters riding on sidewalks can be reported to Lime via several channels listed on the right sidebar.

Reference the images below for how to submit a concern through the Lime app via the "Safety Center" and "Help" buttons.

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Safety Tips

Visit our Vision Zero webpage for more information about the program, and click on the safety cards below for tips on how to be safe on our streets!

                   Download the Scooter Card            Download the Bicycle Card

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Bike-Scooter Parking Corrals2021-05-13 Corral Map

We've implemented several parking corrals downtown as designated parking spaces for the Lime scooters and e-bikes (map on right). The locations of these parking corrals can be found in the Lime app and are labeled on the map with a "P."

E-bikes can be locked at public bike racks. Check out this video for a step by step tutorial:

Do not park in front of building entrances, do not block sidewalks, and do not interfere with pedestrian or handicap access.

Scooter & E-Bike Resources