Fishing Maps

Fishing Maps (Bathymetric Maps) 

Maps of the reservoirs are now available online. These maps are in Adobe PDF format and suitable for printing. Please see the links below.

Ordering Maps

If you would like larger prints of these maps, contact the Department of Utilities at 757-664-6701. Please ask for the Record Room and let us know what maps you need. The cost of each map sheet is currently $4. Prices are subject to change at any time; please contact us for the most current prices. Make checks payable to "City of Norfolk."

Order by Mail

If you would like the map mailed you will need to first give us a call to let us know which maps you need so we can let you know the total cost, then submit your check. Please submit requests to the following address:

Fishing Map Request
Department of Utilities, City of Norfolk
500 East Main Street, 7th Floor
Norfolk, VA 23510

Please enclose a list of the maps, a check, and return address. We will process the printing request as soon as we receive the check and information. We do not accept credit cards.

If you have any questions / comments please feel free to contact us.

Intown Reservoirs

Western Reservoirs