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Not able to attend one of our PHASE 1 Open Houses? We have now launched our online interactive engagement for PHASE 1 – LISTENING! 

Survey 1 - Show Us Your Norfolk! Interactive Map

Click here to take Survey 1

This survey is a two-part survey that will provide an interactive map of Norfolk where you can show us the following:

  • A Place You Love: Where do you enjoy spending time in Norfolk? What makes Norfolk unique and special to you?
  • A Place that Needs Improvement: Do you have an idea for a certain area? Do you have a concern about any specific areas in Norfolk?

There will also be a space where you can elaborate on your location choice. If you have more than one favorite place or area that needs improvement, please participate in each survey no more than three times. Your responses will be reviewed and displayed online to inspire and inform other stakeholders and residents of Norfolk.

Survey 2 - Vision Statement and Topic Areas

Click here to take Survey 2

This survey provides a space for you to provide us with the following:

  • Vision Statement: Overall, what is your vision for Norfolk by the year 2050? This is an opportunity for you to craft your own vision statement, as well as pick 1-3 words for your vision for Norfolk.
  • Comments on Specific Topic Areas: Are you passionate about a certain topic from the list below? Take this survey to provide your comments! It is not required to fill out comments for each topic. 
    • Housing
    • Economic Development
    • Placemaking & Walkabilty
    • Mobility & Transportation
    • Cultural & Historic Resources
    • Parks and the Environment

We welcome all kinds of comments and thoughts; supportive, dissenting, critical or otherwise, as long as they are made in the spirit of constructive and civilized dialogue. We ask that you avoid personal attacks or any information that may compromise one’s privacy or security.


There are lots of opportunities to get involved in NFK2050 throughout the 2-year planning process!

 Here are some of the ways you can speak up:

  • Come to one of our community workshops or pop-up events! We'll be conducting in-person events in 2024-25 throughout the city.
  • Participate on a Working Group! As specific topic areas emerge, Working Groups will provide guidance on identified issues and strategies that NFK2050 proposes for the future (Application launching Spring 2024)

We know any vision for Norfolk will be meaningless without the community having a consistent and equal voice. This shared vision for the future of the city must be created with a focus on a community-driven process that will center the voice of residents. We believe there are already many great assets in our community including civic organizations, local businesses, anchor institutions, and beautiful neighborhoods. To create a welcoming, inclusive Norfolk where everyone can thrive, we must build NFK2050 from the ground up and meaningfully engage our neighbors in this process. We believe that the most desirable change is one which is fueled by the interest, energies, and commitments from all community members. 

We need your voice to create an equitable and resilient Norfolk by 2050!

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