What We've Heard

Public Workshop Series #1

From October-December 2023, the NFK2050 team kicked off the first phase of NFK2050, “Listening,” with a series of six interactive open houses around the city, which saw over 160 participants over the six open houses. These open houses were designed to engage Norfolk residents and stakeholders around the NFK2050 Comprehensive Plan and are intended to help the Comprehensive Planning team understand participants needs and ideas for making the city better. 

During the first Public Workshops, the NFK2050 Team laid the foundation for NFK2050, a collaborative and inclusive planning process. The Planning Team listened, observed, and learned about Norfolk through the eyes of the community. The workshop introduced NFK2050 to residents and stakeholders and invited early concerns and ideas for inclusion in the Plan update and subsequent phases of the planning process.

The Public Workshops included diverse tools to engage with the community, including the following fun interactive tools:

  • An info station introducing NFK2050, the project timeline and scope, and ways to stay engaged; 
  • A large-scale interactive map of the city where residents could tell us where they live, a place that they love, and a place that needs some improvement, as well as ideas for making their neighborhoods better; 
  • A vision station where participants could voice their aspirations for Norfolk by the year 2050;
  • A storytelling video station where participants could tell us their Norfolk story; and
  • Six Plan Topic stations facilitating discussion of Cultural and Historic Resources, Economic Development, Housing, Placemaking & Walkability, Parks & the Environment, and Mobility & Transportation, where participants were asked what challenges and opportunities the city will face around these topics.

From January 26 to February 23, 2024, all activities from the open houses were made available online.  Below is a map that reflects what we heard about a place that they love and a place that needs improvement.   

Themes so far...

Norfolkians want an equitable, resilient, and well-connected city by 2050, defined by the following:

  • Inclusive decision-making and fair development policies;
  • Preparedness towards sea level rise and flooding that protects residents of all backgrounds;
  • Multi-modal transportation options within the city and connected to the larger region;
  • Affordable housing for all income levels and family needs;
  • Improved connections between neighborhoods and across the city;
  • Better opportunities for well-paying jobs;
  • Pride of place, with Norfolk’s rich identity, culture, arts, and history woven throughout its streets and neighborhoods;

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