State Income Tax

Where Your Refund Is

Virginia State Taxes prepared free for Norfolk Residents, Employees and Active Duty Military, appointments only. Please call today to make your appointment 757-664-7885. If you reside in a neighboring city please contact the Commissioner of the Revenue in that city.

VoucherEstimated Tax Due Date
Voucher Number 1On or before May 1
Voucher Number 2June 15
Voucher Number 3September 15
Voucher Number 4January 15

Individual State Tax Return Assistance

Your Norfolk Commissioner of the Revenue provides Virginia State Income Tax forms, assistance, and tax return preparation for Norfolk residents free of charge. The advantages of filing with your local office are: 

  • Local Customer Service - Errors and missing information can be corrected locally and quickly, no long distance calls or correspondence from the Department of Taxation requesting missing information months after you have filed. 
  • Lower Taxes - We review every return for tax saving changes and will assist you in amending your tax return if necessary.

What You Need

If you wish to have you taxes prepared by the commissioner's office, you will need to bring with you: 

  • A complete copy of your federal tax return 
  • Any and all W-2 and Form 1099's you have received

Associated Fees

This service is offered to Norfolk residents free of charge. 

Filing Information

Virginia law imposes individual income tax filing requirements on virtually all Virginia residents, as well as on non-residents who receive income from Virginia sources. Individual income tax returns are due every year on May 1. Taxpayers are granted an automatic six month extension for filing an individual income tax return. No application for extension is required, however, any tentative tax due must be paid with a special voucher, Form 760IP, by the original due date for filing the return (May 1 for calendar year filers). The penalty for underpayment of tentative tax is 2% per month. There is no penalty for filing a refund return after the due date.

Our office can also help with a number of other issues, these include questions about an issue regarding your state taxes, checking the status of your refund, or changing your address.

Did You Know?

  • Virginia allows a Non -Refundable Earned Income Tax Credit, equal to 20% of the Federal Credit, on the state return.
  • In Virginia, taxpayers 65 and older may be eligible for a deduction of up to $12,000, $24,000 if both spouses are 65, on their state returns plus an extra $800 Exemption amount.
  • Virginia does not tax Social Security Benefits, so a subtraction is allowed on the state return for any taxable SS benefits on the Federal return.
  • Virginia also does not tax Unemployment Benefits. Any taxable benefits on the Federal return are subtracted from Virginia taxable income.
  • Active-duty Military taxpayers who list Virginia as their state of record may be eligible for a deduction of up to $15,000 on their state return.

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