Norfolk City Treasurer Updates Payment Processing

NORFOLK, VA – Norfolk City Treasurer, Daun S. Hester, announces a change in process to provide secure payments of real estate and personal property taxes. Partnering with PNC Bank, the Treasurer’s Office will utilize a new process to ensure safe processing of payments and realign internal resources.

PNC Bank lockbox services expedite the collection of paper-based payments and streamline the office’s accounts receivable function. Moving to this process is in line with industry practices for large recipients of payments via mail.

The new address for mailing personal property tax and real estate payments is:

City of Norfolk, Virginia Daun S. Hester, City Treasurer P.O. Box 749456 Atlanta, GA 30374-9456

Residents can still make payments in person, online, by phone and electronically from banks and mortgage institutions. For more information, visit

The Treasurer's office is open to the public Monday through Friday.

EBILLING through InvoiceCloud is now an option to pay Personal Property and Real Estate taxes.  We hope you Opt-In! Use the eBilling link on the left.

Norfolk City Treasurer

The office of the Norfolk Treasurer is open to the public - Monday through Friday - 8:30am - 3:45pm. Citizens are encouraged to wear mask when entering City Hall and during transactions with Cashiers.

Citizens are strongly encouraged to contact the office before coming to City Hall - 757-664-7800. Please use the link for Appointment Request here or call 757-664-7821.

Due to high call volume, please leave a message that includes your full name, account # (if you have it), last four of your social security number and any details so that we may respond to your request. A return call from City Hall will show as a Virginia Beach call. The Cox phone switch is based in Virginia Beach.

For faster service, email us at:

Please include FULL NAME, Account #, ADDRESS, last four of your social security number, and any details so that we may respond to your request.

Please note: DMV Stops will automatically be removed within 3 business days of payment in FULL.

Active duty military requesting a  waiver because your home state is not Virginia must email copies of your LES or W2 for the years you have resided in Virginia – send your information to  The Commissioner of Revenue reviews assessments.

Tax revenue is important to the City of Norfolk to be able to provide much needed services. Timely payments will assist the City to keep these vital services operational.

Payment options:

To make payments for personal property, real estate, business licenses, or fiduciary taxes, the following options are available when paying the total bill:

Mail: Norfolk City Treasurer, P. O. Box 3215, Norfolk, VA 23514-3215


Phone: 1-855-766-3030

EBILLING through InvoiceCloud is now an option to pay Personal Property and Real Estate taxes. We hope you Opt-In! Use the eBilling link on the left.

Have your account number available and make sure you are using the zip code attached to the account.

Treasurer Drop Box Location

810 Union Street, Norfolk, VA  23510 - Parking Circle
Checks/Money Orders Only

Change of Address Requests

Change of address requests can now be made online by completing the form here.

About the Office

The Office of the Treasurer was established in 1869 by the Constitution of Virginia. The Treasurer is an elected official and serves a term of four years. Responsibilities and duties encompass all activities related to the receipt and collection of revenue, the safekeeping and investment of revenue, and an accurate accounting for and the disbursement of revenue.

Responsibilities & Goals

The legal authority for the Treasurer's duties and responsibilities is governed by the Constitution of Virginia, the Code of Virginia, Local Ordinances and charter provisions, case law, court decisions and opinions of the Attorney General.

It is our goal to provide an efficient and professional approach in serving the citizens of Norfolk, while maintaining an attitude of respect and understanding. You will receive prompt and courteous information and assistance. We are committed to strive for excellence.

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