Personal Property Tax

Personal Property Tax Bills

Personal Property Tax bills are white in color with blue boxes, and are mailed at least 30 days prior to the due date. Personal Property taxes are due on June 5th annually. This bill will contain only the current year taxes due.

If you have any delinquent taxes due on that account, the message shown below will appear on your bill. 

Delinquent Tax Message

Prorated / Supplemental Bills

If you have purchased a vehicle after April 9, you will receive a supplemental/prorated bill in November and it will be due December 5.

If you purchased a vehicle after October 15, you will receive your prorated bill around March 1, and it will be due on March 31.

Delinquent Notices

Delinquent Personal Property Tax bills are white in color with pink boxes, and are mailed out in the beginning of August. This is not a new bill, this is a second notification of taxes due, and it includes penalty and interest, as well as any delinquent taxes due for prior billing periods. 

If the balance due is not paid by the due date of August 31st, taxpayers are subject to receiving a DMV Stop with additional fees.

For more information on personal property taxes and assessments, please see the Commissioner of the Revenue.