Norfolk Community Services Board


Picture of new buildingNorfolk Community Services Board is excited to announce that our Administration Headquarters and the majority of our programs and services have relocated.  Please see a comprehensive list below.

Services / Locations

7447 Central Business Park Dr., 757-756-5600:

Our newest building is conveniently located in the Central Business Park behind Walmart on Tidewater Dr.  There are two entrances to the business park:  (1) Tidewater Dr and Central Business Park Dr, HRT Bus 8, and (2) Sewell’s Point Rd and Denison Ave, HRT Bus 9.  The building can also be accessed by several bus stops on Little Creek Road and Evelyn T Butts transfer station by Avenue J.

  • ICARE – Adult Outpatient Psychiatry
  • Mental Health and Substance Use Case Management
  • Mental Health Skill Building
  • Community Integrations
  • Adult Mental Health and Substance Use Intake – Same Day Access
  • Developmental Disabilities Service Coordination
  • Prevention
  • PACT
  • Housing, Homeless, and Employment Services

3755 E. Virginia Beach Blvd., 757-664-7699:

This location is temporary and will be vacated during the Summer of 2020.  The destinations will be updated soon.

  • Child and Adolescent (Intake, Case Management, Counseling, and Child Psychiatry).
  • Administrative Services (Finance, IT, Personnel Support Team, Board Operations)

7460 Tidewater Dr., 757-664-6670:

  • Crisis Intervention Team
  • Crisis Stabilization Unit
  • Emergency Services
  • Peer Recovery Services
  • Substance Abuse Services

Workforce Development Center, 201 E. Little Creek Rd., 757-441-1185

  • Infant & Toddler Connection of Norfolk

861 Monticello Ave., 757-995-2278

  • Jail and Court Services


About Us

The Norfolk Community Services Board was founded in 1969 so that Norfolk residents with mental health, intellectual disability, and substance abuse needs could receive treatment in the community where they lived, surrounded by their family and friends. Over the years, continued emphasis has been placed on community treatment, with an emphasis placed there by consumers themselves; by their loved ones who want to be nearby; by the professionals who feel that patients progress better in familiar surroundings; by advocacy groups that rally for the rights of the disabled; and by the government, which oversees the welfare of the people we serve and treat.

Today, we provide treatment and rehabilitation services to over 9,000 Norfolk citizens yearly. The level of service each person needs can vary from ongoing support to short term intervention, with most having needs that fall somewhere in between. In whatever manner people come to us, we assure their full participation in decisions about what services are appropriate to their individual needs and circumstances. We are dedicated to providing those services in the least restrictive environment possible - usually at one of our service locations or in the consumer's home.

Norfolk Community Services Board is the primary provider of public mental health, substance abuse, and intellectual disabilities services for the City of Norfolk. A continuum of services spans from outreach and prevention through intensive psychiatric care, provided by highly clinically-oriented service professionals with expertise in these service areas.

Most of our services are voluntary, and include entry into the system through intake, emergency intervention, hospital liaison, court services, and outreach. Services can include:

  • Case management
  • Housing support
  • Medical care
  • Outreach
  • Psychiatric care
  • Support services
  • Therapy

Norfolk Community Services Board presents the information on these web pages to ensure that the citizens of Norfolk are informed of our available services.  Although supported with public funds, our services are highly dependent on our ability to bill insurance providers, primarily Medicaid.

Mission StatementMH 

To provide the citizens of Norfolk who experience behavioral health and developmental disabilities with quality services that instill hope and recovery.

Vision Statement 

Every citizen of Norfolk, who experiences behavioral heath and developmental disabilities, will realize hope and recovery.