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Jun 20

Norfolk Police Promotes the First African-American Female

Posted on June 20, 2019 at 11:08 AM by Ron Hiser

Captain Michele Naughton’s path to law enforcement may seem unorthodox to many, however her ascension through the ranks of the Norfolk Police Department, is nothing short of hard work, incredible perseverance, and listening to the sage advice of her mother. Naughton began her career with NPD in 2000 as a police recruit after moving from New York as a single mother of three. It was at the persistent advice of her own mother that she applied to the department. An injury during the academy sidelined her, but only briefly. She returned two years later and completed the rigorous training as part of Academy Class 67. She was named Officer of the Year in 2003. Just two years later, she was diagnosed with cancer. Never one to back down from a challenge, Naughton waged war on the disease and has been in remission since 2006. Her persistence, ability and authentic engagement with citizens helped propel her to Sergeant in 2011 and Lieutenant in 2015. Community stakeholders praise her command leadership and ability to swiftly address neighborhood issues with an action plan and resources. With each promotion, Naughton has increased her level of commitment to community engagement, recognizing that the heightened level of outreach will positively affect civic relationships, now and for the next generation.