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Posted on: August 9, 2019

It’s Official - The Norfolk Police Guns Down Movement Anthem “Put the Guns Down”

Norfolk Police summer music anthem and video, has a serious message with great beats: Put the guns down NOW! The idea behind the music is to increase awareness and conversations around the public health crisis of youth gun violence in Hampton Roads, through music and lyrics. Norfolk Police latest Guns Down Movement partner, is local music artist and anthem lyricists End Timez. End Timez, an engaged father of 3 sons under the age of 11, has suffered the loss of family and friends at the hands of gun violence. His passion for music created an outlet to address some of the ills he recognized in his community, that often triggered gun violence.

When Norfolk Police Chief, Larry D. Boone heard the lyrics and music for Put the Guns Down,” he immediately recognized its value and “reach!” “The lyrics address trauma and pain, caused and endured by young men seeking peer clout through gun violence. Collaborating with End Timez for the anthem-video, now gets the attention of more youth with a genre of music that is relatable, and will further my call to action for adult leadership. Adults will clearly hear some of what’s missing in the lives of our youth through the lyrics, and how to intentionally affect the void. Wherever me or Norfolk Police officers lead conversations about youth gun violence, you will hear the anthem, “Put the Guns Down!””

Go to or YouTube to listen to “Put the Guns Down,” and meet music artist End Timez!

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