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Posted on: September 23, 2022

Commonwealth v. Robert L. Vick Jr. Sentencing

NORFOLK, Va. – Robert Lee Vick Jr., a 24-year-old Norfolk man, was sentenced in Norfolk Circuit Court on Friday, September 23, 2022, to more than 12 years in prison for gunning down two men and wounding a third man following an August 2020 altercation inside of a 7-Eleven.

Mr. Vick visited the 7-Eleven on the 700 block of West Little Creek Road to purchase snacks when he was confronted by four individuals: 19-year-old Jamal Marquise Harvey of Chesapeake, 22-year-old Keyon Raheem Johnson of Norfolk, then-22-year-old Robert William Walck of Norfolk and 23-year-old Leon Devin Harrison of Chesapeake.

Video surveillance captured the confrontation turning physical. Mr. Walck struck Mr. Vick in the face before Mr. Harrison and Mr. Harvey joined in, cornering Mr. Vick inside the store. About 25 seconds into the fight, Mr. Walck picked up a package of plastic Gatorade bottles and threw it down on top of Mr. Vick’s head and upper body. Mr. Vick pulled out a firearm and began shooting, prompting Mr. Walck and Mr. Harrison to run. Mr. Johnson, who had been standing close by but did not physically engage Mr. Vick, ran out of the store with Mr. Walck, Mr. Harrison and Mr. Harvey once the shooting began.

Mr. Vick followed the four men out of the store and continued to shoot as the men ran. Mr. Walck, uninjured, and Mr. Harrison, who had been shot in the back, were able to flee. Mr. Johnson and Mr. Harvey, who collided and fell as they ran from the store, were both shot numerous times.

The entire ordeal once the first punch was thrown lasted about 45 seconds.

When Norfolk Police responded to the 7-Eleven, Mr. Harvey was located lying face down near the gas pumps with wounds to his head and torso. Mr. Harvey was pronounced dead at the scene. Mr. Johnson was transported to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, where he later died from one of the bullet wounds to his lung and heart.

Mr. Vick turned himself in to Norfolk Police and told investigators that he acted in self-defense.

Mr. Harrison died from an unrelated shooting later in 2020.

Mr. Vick pleaded guilty on June 21, 2022, to malicious wounding, the use of a firearm in the commission of malicious wounding, two counts of voluntary manslaughter, and two counts of shooting in the commission of voluntary manslaughter.

On Friday, Judge Tasha D. Scott sentenced Mr. Vick to serve an active 12 years and nine months in prison. The details of Mr. Vick's sentence include the following totals: 20 years with 18 years and three months suspended for malicious wounding, three years for the use of a firearm in the commission of malicious wounding, 10 years with six years suspended for each of the voluntary manslaughter charges, and five years with all years suspended for each of the shooting in the commission of voluntary manslaughter charges. Mr. Vick’s suspended sentences are conditioned upon five years of supervised probation and 20 years of uniform good behavior upon his release from prison.

“Shooting a man who is running away from you is not self-defense,” said Commonwealth’s Attorney Ramin Fatehi. “Mr. Vick may have thought he had the right to defend himself with deadly force, but the law says that he did not. He was wrong, he is guilty of manslaughter, and he must pay the price for killing two men, including a man who never laid hands on him. My thoughts are with the victims and their families, and I hope that Mr. Vick’s conviction and sentence bring them some peace.”

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Madeline C. Woodruff led the sentencing of Mr. Vick’s case on behalf of the Commonwealth. Please contact Nia Tariq at 757-620-5454 for more information.


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