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Commonwealth's Attorney's Office 

800 E. City Hall Avenue
Suite 600
Norfolk, VA 23510

Office Administration 

Name Title Email Phone
Underwood, Gregory (Greg) Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4835
Johnson, Brent A. Chief Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4818
Howie, Amanda Director of Communications 757-664-4861
Powell, Betsy (Elizabeth) Comptroller 757-664-4808
Rekhter, Dmitry Information Technology Administrator 757-664-4816

Prosecution Staff 

Name Title Email Phone
Banks, Shavaughn Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4871
Beye, Katherine (Katie) Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4801
Bruns, Paula Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4805
Burkholder, Zachary (Zach) Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4865
Button, Mary Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4847
Collard, Cynthia (Cindy) Senior Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4885
Dodson, S. Catherine Senior Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4806
Evans, II, Philip (Phil) Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4815
Fatehi, Ramin Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4882
Fellers (Sempeles), Kristin Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4876
Fields, Lindsey Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4836
Fink, Julie Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4970
Flora, Kathlyn (Kate) Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4886
Fraser, Gordon Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4889
Fulton, Krista Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4807
Harris, Jill Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4874
Hettig, Brooke Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4837
LaBounty, Oksana Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4812
Massey, Shukita Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4883
Maydosz, Diane Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4869
Newkirk, Michelle Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4443
O'Boyle, Patricia (Trish) Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4817
Powell, Meghan Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4821
Powers, Rebecca Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4804
Purkey, Charlotte Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4825
Robinson, Anetra Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4864
Stolle, Graham Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4811
Thomas, Katherine (Katie) Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4842
Turpin, Gregory (Greg) Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4877
Ufkes, Gordon (Gordie) Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4802
Vitto, David Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-6188
Wallace, Rhett Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4803
West, Marc Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4875
Wilder, Lily Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4868

Office Support Staff 

Name Title Email Phone
Alford, Sandra (Sandy) Legal Secretary 757-664-4866
Bennett, Joyce Legal Secretary 757-664-4814
Coplon, Susie Executive Secretary 757-664-4835
Crane, Heather Legal Secretary 757-664-4832
DePalma, Greg Receptionist 757-664-4444
Flowers, Susan Paralegal 757-664-4831
Hammond, Nicole Paralegal 757-664-4820
Hunt, Diamond Legal Secretary 757-664-4873
Jackson, Ebony Paralegal 757-664-4838
Kurland, Eleanor (Ellie) Office Assistant 757-664-4444
Mack, Leah Legal Secretary 757-664-4879
Newton, Jeanette Paralegal 757-664-4823
Ozmore, Kia Legal Secretary 757-664-4846
Pantano, Nina Paralegal 757-664-4854
Perry, Sylvia (Suezi) Executive Secretary 757-664-4830
Prioleau, Antoinette Legal Secretary 757-664-4824
Sharp, Christine Paralegal 757-664-4833
Vogler, Mary Legal Secretary 757-664-4862
Wambold, Trina Legal Secretary 757-664-4841
Washington, RaeAndree Paralegal 757-664-4867
Williams, Gretchen Paralegal 757-664-4810
Wood, Kimberly Legal Secretary 757-664-4181
Wright, Seneeya Paralegal 757-664-4884
Yung (Rogers), Kyla Legal Secretary 757-664-4872

Investigation Staff 

Name Title Email Phone
Belleville, Charles Investigator 757-664-4826

Victim/Witness Assistance Program Staff 

Name Title Email Phone
Boyd, Lakresha Coordinator 757-664-4996
Buyrn, Tracey Services Specialist 757-664-4852
Carey, Ann Assistant Director 757-664-4809
Corcoran, Holly Services Specialist 757-664-4743
Emerson, JaNae Services Specialist 757-664-4782
Francois, Larissa Services Specialist 757-664-4855
Fuss, Heather Director 757-664-4822
Harris, Kori Services Specialist 757-664-4840
Hicks, Lisa Assistant Director 757-664-4848
Lozhnikova, Leana (Elena) Assistant Director 757-664-4839
Lytes, Lakesha Services Specialist 757-664-4995
Hankins, Kadizha Services Specialist 757-823-4333
Ramirez, M. Paulina Assistant Director 757-664-4870
Robinson, Veronica Services Specialist 757-962-1364
Swain, Britteni Services Specialist 757-664-4843
Taylor, Megan Services Specialist 757-664-4887

Community Collaboration Center Staff 

Name Title Email Phone
Bright, Marlene Assistant Director 757-664-4863
Fulton, Krista Director 757-664-4807
Hankins (Perry), Kadizha Services Specialist 757-823-4333
Robinson, Anetra Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney 757-664-4864
Robinson, Veronica Services Specialist 757-962-1364