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Elizabeth River with a Tugboat, Sailboat and the USS Wisconsin

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Events Planning

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1. What is considered a "special event" in the City of Norfolk?
2. How do I reserve City property for an event?
3. When do I need a special event permit?
4. What other types of event permits are offered by the City of Norfolk?
5. How do I rent a picnic shelter for my event?
6. Do I need a permit to host an event on my own property or private property?
7. What is an Expressive Activity?
8. Is there event equipment available through the City of Norfolk?
9. How do I close down a street, lane, or sidewalk for my event?
10. How much does it cost to close a street, lane, or sidewalk?
11. How can I sell beer, wine, or spirits at my event?
12. How do I participate as a vendor at an event in Norfolk?