How and where do I register a bicycle?
Individuals residing in the City of Norfolk may register and obtain a Bike Registration Decal by taking the bicycle to one of the locations listed below during normal business hours and completing the required registration application. Once obtained the decal must be affixed to the bicycle as set forth in City Code Section 25-380.

The bicycle being registered must be present in order for Officer to verify the Serial Number.

We are unable to post the registration form as they are serialized to match the decal that the citizens receive when they register.

Registration Locations
  • Police Operations Center - 3661 E. Virginia Beach Blvd.
    Ph: 757-664-7012
  • 2nd Patrol Division - 2500 N Military Hwy
    Ph: 757-664-6900
  • 3rd Patrol Division - 901 Asbury Ave
    Ph: 757-823-4433
  • ODU Police Department - 4516 Monarch Way
    Ph: 757-683-4000

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