Why do people have to pay to park downtown?
The city uses many methods of financing the services it delivers to Norfolk citizens. Some services, such as police and fire, are supported by citizens through taxes paid to the general fund. Other services are financially supported by the users. Parking is one of those services supported exclusively by drivers using garages, surface lots and shuttles. Since this operation is self-supporting, adequate fees must be collected to cover the operating, maintenance and capital costs incurred by the parking system.

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1. What is the Division of Parking?
2. Who are our patrons?
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4. How many parking spaces are in downtown?
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7. Why do people have to pay to park downtown?
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12. Are there any programs to help defray the cost of parking for patrons of downtown businesses?
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18. Is there parking available in downtown for buses, RVs, campers and other oversized vehicles?
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