What if I am sensitive to chemicals?
Only a very small amount of chloramines will be added. If you are concerned, please check with your physician.

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1. Are chloramines safe?
2. Will my water smell or taste different?
3. Do kidney dialysis patients have to take special precautions?
4. Do chloramines affect both salt and freshwater fish?
5. Can I let water sit for a few days like I do with chlorinated water before adding to my fish tank or pond?
6. How do chloramines affect my pets?
7. Will chloramines affect swimming pools?
8. Will a carbon filter remove chloramines?
9. Can pregnant women and children drink chlorinated water?
10. Are both salt and fresh water fish affected by chloramines?
11. What if I am sensitive to chemicals?
12. If chloramines are harmful to kidney dialysis patients and fish, why are they not harmful to me?
13. How about washing an open wound, such as a cut, with chloraminated water?
14. What are disinfection by-products?
15. Will reverse osmosis remove chloramines?
16. Do home water softeners remove chloramines?
17. Is it okay to water plants, vegetables and fruit trees with chloraminated water?