How often will I be inspected?
Each business has an identified business classification and is subject to an inspection within a range of every one to five years. Depending upon this business classification, or if there are identified fire and/or life safety hazards, your business may be inspected more frequently than others.

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1. How often will I be inspected?
2. What is the penalty for non-compliance of correcting violations that were found during an inspection?
3. What is the difference between a permit fee and a fire inspection fee?
4. When are fire inspections done?
5. The inspector informed me that I am going to need a permit for my business. How do I get a permit?
6. Do I have to wait for the inspector to come out to inspect my business or can I schedule one myself?
7. I have a question about an inspection I received. How do I contact the inspector?
8. How do I get another copy of my inspection report?