Do you have a notary on grounds?

At this time we do not offer notary services.

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1. When are visiting hours?
2. What are office’s hours?
3. Do I need an appointment?
4. I no longer want my grave; will you buy it back?
5. Do you have a notary on grounds?
6. Do you have my relative’s death certificate?
7. Where do I get a headstone?
8. Why haven’t you put down one of those little metal markers?
9. When do I need to be in to plan a service?
10. How many people are allowed in a grave?
11. Do I need a vault to be buried here?
12. What is included in my service?
13. What type of urn do I need for a cremation burial?
14. Do you accept credit cards?
15. Are there bathrooms for public use?
16. Are there services for residents of Norfolk who cannot afford burial costs?
17. Do you offer genealogical services?
18. How do I find a grave location?
19. If the owner of a grave(s) passes away, who gets ownership?
20. How do I make an installment payment toward my grave (s)? Can I walk into a cemetery office?
21. Can I use a personal check to pay for a burial service?
22. Can I release balloons in City of Norfolk owned cemeteries?