What additional resources are available?
  • Legal Aid of Southeastern Virginia : 757.627.5423 
  • The Virginia Fair Housing Office:(804) 367-8530 Toll Free: (888) 551-3247 TDD: 711 (Virginia Relay) Email: FairHousing@dpor.virginia.gov http://www.dpor.virginia.gov
  • The Virginia Poverty Law Center: 804-782-9430
  • Eviction Legal Helpline: 1-833-NoEvict. This hotline provides services for tenants in the process of being evicted or at risk of eviction. 
  • Stay Home Virginia: Stay Home Virginia is a site supported by Virginia Housing and provides information and resources for landlords, tenants, and homeowners impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Virginia Rent Relief Program: Designed to support and ensure housing stability across the commonwealth during the coronavirus pandemic

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1. How long do I have before my landlord can evict me?
2. Do I need show up for my court date?
3. What are my rights as a renter?
4. Can my landlord just kick me out now?
5. What should I do if my landlord tries to illegally lock me out of my rental?
6. Can I negotiate with my landlord to avoid eviction and catch up on the past-due rent?
7. What bills should I pay if I can’t afford all my expenses?
8. I need help, but don’t know where to go. Where do I start?
9. What additional resources are available?