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Forest Lawn Cemetery

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Forest Lawn Cemetery was established in 1906 and is the largest and most modern of Norfolk's eight municipal cemeteries.   The City of Norfolk purchased a tract of property from George S. Bunting to create the cemetery. Prior to Bunting’s ownership, the Langley family owned the property for generations. The Langley Family Burial Ground was included in this purchase and remains as a historical point of interest today. There are several historical lots at Forest Lawn at which various commemorative ceremonies are held on Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. 

Comprised of more than 165 acres of land, Forest Lawn Cemetery is a natural arboretum with more than 70 species of trees including crape myrtles, black walnut trees, dogwoods, live oaks, Chinese fringe trees, and a variety of hollies and maples.  

Forest Lawn's history and natural beauty is rivaled only by the Art Deco era memorial architecture as exemplified by the community mausoleum designed by Sidney Lovell, erected in 1919.  Mr. Lovell (1867 - 1938) was a native of Racine, WI and apprenticed with Colonel James Wood, a recognized Chicago architect who specialized in theatre design.  Our community mausoleum is a fine example of Lovell's work as its exterior facade and interior furnishings are constructed of high quality Alabama marble.  The interior features ornately carved marble benches and a Frank Lloyd Wright skylight fashioned by the Temple Art Glass Company in Chicago, IL.  The mausoleum entryway and interior family room gates were designed by the J.S. Heath Company, also of Chicago, IL.  The mausoleum is one level with a spacious chapel in the central portion.  Four corridors surround the chapel; these lead to five family rooms, 24 companion crypts, 104 single crypts, and 150 columbaria.  Though the community mausoleum no longer has spaces for purchase, its architectural beauty stands testament to a time when no luxury was spared to honor the deceased. 

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Interment Information Online
The Norfolk Bureau of Cemeteries' interment database is now available online via The Bureau's database does not include obituaries or monument photographs.  USGenWeb Archives, a cooperative network of volunteers that provides genealogical information on the internet, provides many of these in its interment catalog of Forest Lawn Cemetery.  If you cannot locate an interment, please call 757-441-2654 or email for more information. 

Cemetery Events, Volunteer Opportunities, Conservation Information
Click here for information about Norfolk Historic Cemeteries events, volunteer opportunities, and conservation information. 

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