Can anyone do the Desk to 5k program?
Unfortunately not - but the good news is - most people can! Whether you have never run before, or haven’t run for a while but want to get back into it, Desk to 5k might well be the perfect place to start. However, everybody (and every body!) is different. As the plan contains generic advice, you would always be better off getting advice and training plans from your doctor or exercise professional. If this is something you are interested in, we can help - just contact Norfolk Fitness and Wellness Center for information on group and personal training sessions.

Before starting Desk to 5k make sure you have had a health check with your GP and that they are happy for you to start the plan. It is intended as a challenge but within sensible parameters, and as generic advice the Desk to 5k is limited in the situations and people it can cover.

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2. Can anyone do the Desk to 5k program?
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