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Disabled Veteran Real Estate Tax Exemption Application

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  4. Are you and your spouse joint-owners on the above addressed primary residence?

  5. Are you and/or your spouse occupying above addressed primary residence?

  6. Are you the surviving spouse of a veteran who was killed in action?

  7. If the veteran is deceased, has the above named spouse remarried?


    Veteran: I hereby certify that the above listed physical address is occupied as my primary place of residence and that I have presented to this office the original, designated U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs letter issued to me attesting that I am 100% service-connected, permanent and totally disabled. I understand I must reapply for exemption if my principal place of residence changes.

    Spouse of Veteran (who was 100% service connected disabled at the time of death): I hereby certify that I am the surviving spouse of the above named qualified veteran; I have presented to this office a certified copy of the veteran’s death certificate confirming a date of death subsequent to


    December 31, 20____

  10. a certified document of marriage to the above qualified veteran, that I continue to occupy the exempted property as my primary and principal residence, and, as the surviving spouse of the eligible veteran, I have not remarried.

  11. Real Estate Tax Relief Location

    Park Place Multi-Service Center
    Department of Human Services
    606 W. 29th St.
    Norfolk, VA 23508

    Call for appointment: (757) 823-1130
    Fax: (757) 664-7535
    Pick up application/appointments/drop box

  12. Mailing Address

    Workforce Development Center
    Department of Human Services
    201 E. Little Creek Rd.
    Norfolk, VA 23505

    Pickup application/drop box
    Information/request application:

    (757) 823-1130 or (757) 664-6035

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