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Norfolk Re-Entry T.E.A.M. Services Request

  1. Norfolk Prisoner Re-Entry T.E.A.M. services request

  2. please enter the mm/dd/yyyy for your date of birth.

  3. Are you currently receiving SNAP benefits?*

  4. Are you between the age of 18-49 years old and DO NOT have children on your SNAP case?*

    If you do not receive SNAP benefits, please select N/A

  5. Are you currently receiving TANF benefits?*

  6. Do you currently Live in the City of Norfolk?*

  7. Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor?*

  8. Have you ever been convicted of a felony?*

  9. Have you ever served time in jail?*

  10. Have your ever served time in Prison?*

  11. Are you currently on probation?*

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