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Keep Norfolk Beautiful

  1. 2019 International Coastal Cleanup Sign-up Form

    The International Coastal Cleanup happens all over the world from September 9 through October 31, and encourages removal of litter from... More…

  2. Adopt A Spot Cleanup Report Form

    This form was updated June 2017

  3. Bay Star Home Soil Testing Kit

    Bay Star Home Soil Testing Kit Form

  4. Community Cleanup Registration Form
  5. Elizabeth River Trail Seed Bomb Making Day

    The Elizabeth River Trail Foundation will be hosting an event at Keep Norfolk Beautiful for a seed bomb making project. These seed... More…

  6. KNB Volunteer Application
  7. OV Beach Team

    By joining the OV Beach Team you are committing to do your part to keep our beaches in good condition.

  1. 2019-2020 Environmental Education Request Form

    Request an environmental education program to come to your classroom. Keep Norfolk Beautiful, Environmental Storm Water, and Utilities... More…

  2. Adopt A Spot Registration Form

    This form was updated in November 2017

  3. Beautification Event/Tool Request Form

    Please use this form to register your beautification event and request tools!

  4. Community Cleanup Report Form

    This form was updated June 2017

  5. Ernie Morgan Center Room Reservation

    Room Reservation Form

  6. NEC Eco Steward Award Nomination Form

    PURPOSE: to recognize individuals, businesses or organizations whose activities or accomplishments, large and small, lead to a more... More…