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Adopt A Spot Registration Form

  1. Adopt A Spot/Street Registration Form
    After you submit this form, we will contact you with more details!
  2. Here's how it works:

    1. Register for Adopt A Spot

    2. Attend our Adopt A Spot training

    3. Conduct your first cleanup within one month of training

    4. Call 757-441-1347 for trash pickup

    5. Submit sign in sheet and report form after your cleanup

    6. Continue to clean your spot/street at least four times a year (once every three months)

  3. Please answer the following:
    Please note all Adopt A Spot areas are located in the City of Norfolk
  4. Have you been a part of Adopt a Spot before?*
  5. Do you have an area in mind you would like to Adopt? We cannot guarantee we will assign you to that area, but we will do our best!
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