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Community Cleanup Registration Form

  1. Sponsored by the City of Norfolk, Department of Public Works / Keep Norfolk Beautiful.

  2. 1. Attend training.

    2. Instruct / follow the safety guidelines.

    3. Submit a Cleanup Report Form and a Volunteer Sign-In sheet to KNB after the event.

  3. Group leader's name

  4. List the date you would like to have your community cleanup

  5. Please provide a brief, but detailed, description of your planned cleanup event including number of people and location, or if a location is needed.

  6. Please provide 3 dates (1 to 2 weeks prior to cleanup) and times you can stop by our office for a brief, 15-20 minute, training and supply pickup. Our address is 3500-A Granby Street. We are open Monday - Friday from 8:30AM - 5PM

  7. Each group leader must make sure debris is appropriately placed, and is not in the right-of-way.

  8. Please share with us if you have any questions or comments

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