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Great American Cleanup 2024 Volunteer Registration

  1. Great American Cleanup 2024 Volunteer Registration

    The Great American Cleanup is a three-month outreach program aiming to raise awareness on environmental issues across the country through community service events. During this period, Keep Norfolk Beautiful, along with all Keep America Beautiful affiliates, will host events designed to create LITTER FREE cities, neighborhoods, and streets!

    Our theme this year is “Love Our City: Litter-Free Norfolk” – what can you do to love our city and make a difference where we live, work, and play? Join one of our scheduled events or plan your own anywhere you choose.

  2. Register your Great American Cleanup event

    Looking to plan your own volunteer event? Register a cleanup with KNB between March 1 and May 31! We will provide the supplies and training needed to make your cleanup a success. This spring, you can make a difference where you live, work, or play. 

  3. Set your date, time, and location for a cleanup. Cleanup supplies are available for pickup. Keep Norfolk Beautiful can assist you with all your cleanup needs.

  4. Help me recruit volunteers for my event.*
  5. By signing above you agree to the Conditions for Volunteering, have reviewed and will follow the procedures attached above, and attest that you are at least 18 years of age or older.

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