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In-Person Business License Zoning Review Application

  1. NOTE: all business license applicants must receive clearance from City Treasurer's Office before applying for zoning approval

    This form is for new business license requests, transfer of ownership, and business address changes only. Do not fill out this form if you are renewing an existing Norfolk business license with no changes to owner(s), business operations or address.

  2. Business Information
  3. DBA (doing business as)

  4. Provide complete business operations at this address. 

    Specify customer interactions, service(s) and/or merchandise. If most operations are done at different location(s), please explain. If applicable: please disclose number of staff/employees, type of vehicle(s) in conjunction with business, parking agreement for commercial vehicles, etc. 

  5. Structure Type
  6. Plans for construction or change of use to existing structure?*


  7. Business Type (required)*

    TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP applicants must provide proof that the current owners have surrendered their license with the Commissioner of Revenue. 

    RELOCATION (change of address) is for an existing Norfolk business only **NOTE: If you are relocating from another city/county/state, choose NEW BUSINESS

  8. Applicant Information
  9. Zoning Staff will provide further instructions based on the answers you have provided.

    Some types of businesses require approvals and inspections from other departments. These will take longer to process. Talk to zoning staff to find out more about our online application process. 

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