Bike, Bus, Scooter Lane Demonstration & Testing Traffic Configurations of Boush Street

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In an ongoing effort to make bike and scooter riding safe and convenient, the City of Norfolk tested dedicated bus/bike/scooter lanes along a section of Boush Street from City Hall Avenue to Brambleton Avenue Friday, May 7, 2021 and Saturday, May 8, 2021. The purpose of the demonstration is to help the Department of Transit determine which travel concept for Boush Street is preferred for the future configuration of the street – one vehicular travel lane with a shared bus/bike/scooter lane (left image) or one vehicular travel lane and a parking lane (right image).

Bus/Bike/Scooter Lane OptionOn-Street Parking Option
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Although there is currently no regular bus service on Boush Street, the City’s draft Multimodal Transportation Master Plan identifies a new bus route to run 15-minute regular service along a section of the street. This new route would travel from the Downtown Norfolk Transfer Center (DNTC) along City Hall Avenue, turn onto Boush Street, continue to Olney Road, and head west to EVMS and Ghent. In the Multimodal Plan, Boush Street is identified as a street with pedestrian, bicycle, and transit modal emphasis meaning that the street serves as a critical connection for all three modes and should emphasize the use of these modes in the design of the corridor. Boush Street is also identified as an “Avenue” meaning it should be designed with slower speeds to allow pedestrians and bicyclists to feel safe and comfortable.

Boush Street should serve all modes in a safe and convenient way, however, there is not sufficient right-of-way to accommodate both a dedicated bus lane and a dedicated bike lane. Therefore, it was decided to test a dedicated bus/bike/scooter lane to determine the feasibility of using such a multimodal lane in downtown Norfolk. A shared bus/bike/scooter lane is a single lane that is dedicated to only buses, bikes, and scooters. Private vehicle like cars and trucks and commercial vehicles such as delivery trucks are not permitted to use this lane. A shared bus/bike/scooter lane provides an improvement in bus travel time and separates bicycle and scooter riders from general traffic, providing better reliability for bus riders and safety for those who ride a bike or a scooter to their destination. For this demonstration, the temporary street configuration included one vehicular travel lane with the bus/bike/scooter lane along the outside lane, with no parking lane.

Boush Street Bus Bike Map