Community Services Board


225 W Olney Road
Norfolk, VA 23510



Link: Community Services Board Page

Adult Intake 

7447 Central Business Park Drive
Norfolk, VA 23513


Link: Adult Intake Page

Crisis Intervention Team 


Link: Crisis Intervention Team Website

Alternative Phone Numbers
Emergency Services: 757-664-7690
Norfolk CSBIntake Phone: 757-823-1312
Peer Support Specialist Phone: 757-823-4120
Child and Adolescent Phone: 757-823-1630
Police Non-Emergency Phone: 757-441-5610
Suicide Prevention Lifeline Phone: 800-273-8255

Crisis Stabilization 


Link: Crisis Stabilization Page

Emergency Services 


Link: Emergency Services Page

Ingleside Community Health Clinic 

3755 E Virginia Beach Boulevard
Norfolk, VA 23510



Link: Ingleside Community Health Clinic Page

Call Center Hours
Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Operating Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday
8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Name Title Email Phone
Ells, Janelle MD, MPH    
Parmalee, Amanda FNP    

Leadership Team 

Norfolk, VA 23510

Name Title Email Phone
Beasley, Chandra MHCM Program Leader 757-664-7694
Davis, Michele Consumer Relations Specialist 757-823-1693
Harris, Joan Clinical Coordinator 757-664-6681
Haslam, Lisa Community Integration Program Administrator 757-664-8018
Honan, Meg Program Manager 757-823-1686
Liu, Amy Controller 757-823-1647
Horne, Bob Administrator 757-823-1689
Forte, MD, Bill Division Head, Medical Services 757-664-7679
Fuller, Sarah Paige Executive Director 757-823-1600
Griffin, Jackie Executive Assistant 757-823-1704
Harrington, Sandi ITCN Program Leader 757-823-4766
O'Toole, Stacey C&A and Prevention Program Leader 757-823-1600
Plante, Randy PACT Program Leader 757-644-7686
Pope, Debbie Forensics Services Program Leader 757-995-2278, ext. 206
LaRocco, Molly Clinical Supervisor Molly LaRocco 757-823-1323
McElmurry , Shelia Consumer Relations Specialist 757-823-1692
Rykheart, Ren EHR Manager 757-823-1687
Schaede, Jacqueline Division Head, Clinical & Recovery Services 757-664-6674
Stewart, Steve Program Leader 757-823-1683
Wright, Chelsey I-Care Practice Manager 757-823-1327

Mental Health Services 

3755 E Virginia Beach Boulevard
Norfolk, VA 23510


Link: Mental Health Services Page