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Barraud Park Boxing Center


  1. Boxing

This recreation center is currently closed.  If you are looking for a career in public service and enjoy helping your neighbors, consider applying for a position with Norfolk Parks and Recreation!  For a list of opportunities visit

Visit for additional updates.

Are you looking for a program to teach you the sweet science of boxing and the opportunity to apply those skills? Team Norfolk is the perfect program for you. Team Norfolk has developed state & regional champions on the junior and senior levels as well as a national fighter. Come and join Team Norfolk! Become a champion!!

  • Participants must possess a current Athletic I.D. Card issued by the City of Norfolk.
  • Athletic I.D. Card costs $5 ($10 for ages 18 & up) and is valid for one year from the date issued.
  • Information on how to acquire an Athletic I.D. Card will be made available at time of registration.
  • Participants involved in competition must pay a $60 annual registration fee to USA Boxing.
  • Call Coach Gloria Peek at (757) 641-2543 or (757) 441-2787 for more information.