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Ernie Morgan Environmental Action Center

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The Ernie Morgan Environmental Action Center, a former concession stand located in Lafayette Park, was dedicated in 1997 to Ernie Morgan, a long time environmental activist in Norfolk and founding member of the Norfolk Clean City Committee, now known as the Norfolk Environmental Commission.

The Center and surrounding EcoGarden exist as examples of green building and gardening techniques for visitors to experience, and to inspire others as possibilities for their own living or work space.

Some practices on display include: 

    •Solar panels and sun tubes 
    •Pervious paver walkways 
    •Passive heating and cooling techniques 
    •Recycled linoleum floors 
    •Carpeting made from over 2,000 plastic bottles 
    •Native plants 
    •Worm composting 
    •Rain gardens (including rain barrels) 
    •Green roof 
    •Straw bale room and more!

The Ernie Morgan Environmental Action Center is available on a limited basis for groups to meet and participate in environmental education programs. It also serves as a distribution and coordination base for the City's volunteer litter prevention programs.