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1. Pamunkey Tribe Resort and Casino Overview
2. What size facility does the tribe intend to build?
3. What are the historical ties the Tribe has to Norfolk and why do you think they will find success with the federal government?
4. Are there minimum requirements to the size and scope of the facility?
5. How much land is part of the project?
6. What is the City economic benefits besides just money?
7. What is the 4% of gaming revenue calculated on?
8. Is there a guaranteed minimum payment as part of the deal?
9. Is the tribe paying for impact costs such as infrastructure improvements as part of the project?
10. Will the tribe cover the cost of providing public safety service to the resort casino?
11. Has the City done any studies on casinos like the one being proposed for Harbor Park?
12. Does the agreement with the city require the reported $700 million investment?
13. Are there any covenants in the service agreement requiring employment conditions?
14. Has a study been done to determine the best and most profitable use for this area?
15. What will the city be expected to contribute to ensure that the roads, power, sewer and water lines are substantial enough to handle a development this size?
16. With regards to the revenue from operations, what guarantees can be put into place to ensure the money goes to where it says it will go?
17. Will the resort casino impact parking at Harbor Park?
18. Economic Impact