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Voting in Norfolk

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1. How do I register to vote online in Virginia?
2. How do I obtain a Voter Registration Application Form as a Virginia resident?
3. How do I register to vote if I am NOT a Virginia resident?
4. Where can I register to vote in person?
5. How do I cancel my voter registration in Norfolk?
6. How will I be notified about my voter registration?
7. How do I confirm my voter registration status?
8. When are voter registration deadlines?
9. How do I find my voting precinct?
10. How do I Absentee vote in an election?
11. How do I find who represents me in Federal Offices?
12. How do I find out who represents me in the Virginia General Assembly (State Senate and House of Delegates)?
13. How do I find who represents me in the State Offices?
14. How do I find members of Norfolk City Council?
15. How do I find the members of the Constitutional Offices?