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1. When do I need a Building Permit?
2. When is a permit not required?
3. What documentation do I need to obtain a Building Permit?
4. Who should apply for a building permit the property owner or the contractor?
5. How long does residential plan review take?
6. How can I submit plans for review for permits?
7. How long does commercial plan review take?
8. What documentation is required for a tent?
9. What documentation is required for a pier, bulkhead, and/or rip-rap?
10. What documentation do I need to put up a shed or fence?
11. What is a zoning certificate?
12. What are the typical setbacks for residential properties?
13. Where can a fence go on a residential corner lot?
14. What is required for Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical or Elevator Permits?
15. What type of permit is required for a gas line?
16. What is required for a Certificate of Occupancy?
17. How do I get historical information about permits on a property that I am interested in buying or just bought?
18. How do I request an inspection?
19. How do I get inspection results?
20. How much does a permit cost?