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Fence Building / Repair Information
Fence Regulations Brochure

To build, repair, or replace a fence on a corner lot or through lot in a residential zoning district, a Zoning Certificate is required (fences built on interior lots do not require a zoning certificate).  A Zoning Certificate can be obtained at the Development Services Center, City Hall - 1st Floor, 810 Union Street. Submit two copies of a physical survey that includes:
  • All existing improvements on the property
  • Any driveways within 10 feet of the boundaries of the property
  • Any right of way improvements within 10 feet of the boundaries of the property, such as sidewalks, curbs, edge of pavement, utility poles, and trees or other landscaping that may present an obstruction for drivers
  • The proposed fence or wall, showing the location and height.
There is no fee for the Zoning Certificate. The graphics below show the requirements for fences based on the zoning of the property. To find the zoning of your property, use NorfolkAir

Privacy fences may be allowed closer to the street for side and rear yards in certain circumstances.  These fences must be approved by Zoning staff to assure all safety measures are met.  Please contact the Department of City Planning to see if a property is eligible to have a privacy fence closer to the streets.

Non-residential zoning districts
Fence regulations vary depending on what zoning classification a property is located in.  Please contact the Department of City Planning for information on what fences are permitted in these districts. 

Zoning Ordinance for fences (Article 5.11.6)

Fences Map
Residential Fences - Through Lot Example
Fences Map
Residential Fences - Corner Lot Example

For additional questions, please contact Zoning at 757-664-6588.