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Norfolk Animal Care Center

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Surrendering Your Pet

Loney KittenWhen Surrendering Your Pet is the Only Option
The Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center is a city department funded by taxpayers. Therefore, the Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center
only accept animals from Norfolk residents. As an open admission shelter, the Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center accept all animals in need, which means we routinely receive 400 - 700 animals per month.

We understand that sometimes it may be necessary to give up a pet, and we will do our very best to place your animal into a new home. We strongly suggest that you use the Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center as a last resort.  We cannot always guarantee that a home can be found for every animal. We can offer some suggestions that may help you find a new home for your pet without surrendering him or her to the animal shelter.

Help for many behavior-related issues can be found at the ASPCA's website. ASPCA Virtual Behaviorist

Required Information & Fee
If you decide to relinquish your pet to the Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center, please bring your pet's veterinary records. We will also ask you to give us some basic information on your pet's personality, lifestyle, and preferred environment so that we may do our best to place him or her into an appropriate new home.

The Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center has a required $15 surrender fee for animals.

This fee partially offsets costs of services including updating a pet's vaccines as necessary, to ensure they are as healthy as possible while at the shelter. Please contact us for assistance with helping your pet remain in your home.