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Expressive Activity Permits

SevenVenues oversees the permitting process for first amendment protected expressive activities including, but not limited to assemblies, marches, processions, non-Commercial Parades and religious ceremonies.

Learn more about expressive activities here.

Where can I host an expressive activity?

If the event is protected by the First Amendment, the City will accommodate the activity in a traditional public forum. A traditional public forum is a place with a long tradition of expressive activities, such as:

  • Sidewalks
  • Public parks
  • Public streets

Traditional public forums do not include:

  • City buildings
  • City parking lots
  • City park structures
  • Sand beach property

What restrictions are applied to Expressive Activity Permits?
  • The City can impose only content neutral time, place and manner restrictions
  • Equipment setup requests will be reviewed/approved on a case by case basis
  • An Expressive Activity Permit is required for all expressive activities with 30 or more participants in expected attendance.

What does a complete application include?

A complete application* must be submitted by the required application deadline and includes the following:

  • Completed Expressive Activity Permit Application 
  • Supporting documents, including event layout and/or map, event schedule or timeline, event insurance certificate (if required), etc.
  • $10.00 Application Fee

*Incomplete applications will not be processed.

As a guideline when completing event permit paperwork, always overestimate your needs and the quantities. It is much simpler to receive permission and scale down the event. Any changes to the requests in the Event Permit Application will delay the permit process. 

Complete the Expressive Activity Permit Application to get started with the permitting process.