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Water Production
Moores Bridges WTP The City has nine water storage tanks: four at the Moores Bridges Water Treatment Plant, one at the 37th Street Water Treatment Plant and four in the distribution system.

The Moores Bridges Water Treatment Plant was constructed in 1873 in what was then Princess Anne County.

The plant takes its name from the two small bridges that were located here, First Moores Bridge and Second Moores Bridge.

37th Street WTPThe lakes that were spanned by these bridges are still here today but have been re-named to Lake Taylor and Lake Wright.

At the time of construction, the facility consisted of a pumping station sending untreated lake water directly into the City of Norfolk, approximately five miles away. There was no treatment of the lake water to remove contaminants like we have today.

Today the plant is staffed and operated 24 hours a day throughout the year. Currently we provide water to Norfolk, Virginia Beach, military facilities in both cities and parts of Chesapeake.

Water TowerThe City also operates the 37th Street Water Treatment Plant located on the west side of Norfolk adjacent to the Norfolk Southern coal loading facility. This plant was constructed in 1920 and serves the western half of the City as well as the Norfolk Naval Base.

Together, the two treatment plants have a rated capacity of 136 million gallons per day. 

Find out more information about Norfolk's water storage tanks.

For more information on the Water Production Division contact the Moores Bridges Water Treatment Plant at (757) 441-5678.