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Fee Chart of Services
Type of Permit Fees
Annual Permit Fee - Bed and Breakfast (Hotels, Summer Camp, Campground, and State Food) $40.00
Certified Food Manager Course $150.00
Certified Food Manager Course (Retest) $25.00
Dumpster Permits $50.00
Duplicate Food Handler Card $10.00
Food Handler Card $10.00
Plan Review (Except Tattoo Parlors) $40.00
Rat Free Inspection $50.00
Swimming Pool Permit - No more than (depends on type of pool - check application) $25.00
Tattoo Parlor Permits $1,800.00
Tattoo Parlor Plan Review $200.00
Temporary Food Permit / Risk Assessment Fee $40.00
Well Permit $300.00
Sewage Permits $300.00
Bare Application - Onsite Sewage Construction Permit $425.00
Bare Application Certification Letter (Onsite Sewage) $350.00
AOSE Construction Permit or Certification Letter, System ≤ 1,000 gpd $225.00
Construction Permit or Certification Letter, System > 1,000 gpd $1,400.00
Private Well Construction Permit $300.00
Bare Application Onsite Sewage and Private Well Construction Permit $725.00
AOSE Construction Permit and Well, System ≤ 1,000 gpd $525.00
Construction Permit, System > 1,000 gpd $1,700.00

The sewage application fees apply to both onsite sewage disposal systems and single family discharge systems of less than or equal to 1,000 gallons per day.