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Case Management
Case ManagerThis program provides case management to assist individuals with Serious Mental Health Disorder (MHD) or Co-occurring Disorders (MHD Substance Use) with maintaining community-based placement, enhancing quality of life, and achieving recovery.

Case management involves a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, and advocacy to ensure that services are accessible for eligible consumers and that service provision is designed to meet individual needs. Case management activities are diverse and include: identifying potential users of the service; assessing needs and planning services; linking the individual to services and supports; assisting the individual directly to locate, develop, or obtain needed services and resources; coordinating services with other providers; enhancing community integration; making collateral contacts; monitoring service delivery; discharge planning; and advocating for individuals in response to their changing needs.

Case management is instrumental in assisting individuals with mental illness to navigate through a complex service system and access resources. Services are provided in a welcoming, safe and recovery-oriented manner in which individuals are supported in reaching their individual goals and obtaining optimal levels of wellness and functional capability.

Included in the Case Management Program are the following services:

  • Assessing needs and planning services, including the development of a case management Individual Service Plan (ISP)
  • Linking individuals to services and supports that are identified in the ISP to assist them with attaining their life goals
  • Assisting individuals to locate, develop, or obtain needed services, resources, and appropriate public benefits
  • Making collateral contacts and monitoring service delivery
  • Enhancing community integration
  • Coordinating services with other providers and agencies
  • Advocating for individuals in response to their changing needs
  • Providing follow-up instruction, education and supportive counseling to guide individuals and develop a supportive relationship that promotes the achievement of the goals identified in the ISP
  • Developing wellness plans that include the individual's preferences regarding treatment in emergency situations
  • Planning for transitions in individual’s lives
  • Assisting individuals with accessing primary care and other medical services, as needed


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