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Public Works Bond
Public Works Surety Bond Information and FAQ

A bond is a surety document signed by the contractor and the surety company that assures the City that the requirements for work in the right of way and storm water will be met whether the project is completed or not. Contractors obtain bonds from surety companies or agents representing surety companies. 

Download Bond Form

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Why do I need to provide a bond? 
A.  A bond is required so that the right of way and other project items can be completed in accordance with city standards the event that you do not meet your obligations. 

Q. How much does my bond need to be? 
A. We accept bonds for 100% of the cost of all right of way work installation and restoration including all  storm water work (on public and private property).

Q. Why do I need to bond onsite storm water?
A.  Because it ties into the City's storm water system and we need to make sure it is installed and installed properly. 

Q. Is there a standard form that the bond needs to be on? 
A. Yes, the bond form is located here:
Q. In what format do you want the engineer’s estimate? 
A. Excel is preferred, but it can be sent in any format

Q. Who reviews the estimate and accepts for the City?
A. Please send the estimate to
Q. Will you take a letter of credit instead of a bond? 
A. Yes.
Q. Will you take a check instead of a bond? 
A. Yes.

Q. What happens to the bond when the project is over? 
A. The bond is reduced to 10%  to 15% as a one year warranty.  You must request the release. 

Q. How do I request a bond, check, or letter of credit release?
A. Please send an e-mail with your permit number and/or project address, bond number, at least 2 weeks before needed requesting release to the Right of Way Management Division at

Download Bond Form