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Army Corps of Engineers program is already growing a bigger beach

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Beach Q&A

Onboard the Liberty Island Dredge

Ever wonder how all that sand got from the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay to Norfolk’s beaches? Step Aboard the Liberty Island dredge to see how an oversized vacuum cleaner and cheese grader teamed up with a sandbox and 2 miles of underwater piping to get the job done. Video Below

Beach Nourishment Project - DONE!
Willoughby Map
 Click on the map or click here for a larger map. FLYER

Background on Nourishment Project. In 2015, the Army Corps of Engineers and the City of Norfolk signed an agreement for construction of a coastal storm damage
reduction project that's unprecedented in the 333-year history of the city.

Completed in mid-May, 2017, the beach nourishment expands the beach 60-feet along almost all of the 7.3 miles of shoreline from Willoughby Spit to Ocean View, except for the segment between 1st Bay St and Warwick Ave., where there is already a wide beach.

The project is 65 percent federally funded, 35 percent non-federally funded. 

Results: The Nourishment Project

  • Put down 1.2 million cubic yards of sand
  • Widened the beach by about 60 feet 
  • Raised the recreational area of the beach 
  • Help protect homes, businesses and recreation areas from waves and flooding during coastal storms. 

graph showing progress