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Norfolk's New Zoning Ordinance
The City of Norfolk adopted a new zoning ordinance on January 23, 2018. These changes will affect your property but will not result in any decrease in allowable residential density or in any changes to the zoning map, although some of the names associated with districts shown on the zoning map will be changed.

Adopted Zoning Ordinance
Adopted Ordinance

Zoning Ordinance - Public Hearing Draft
Original Draft | 
October 12 Redline Draft | October 26 Redline Draft November 9 Redline Draft Addendum Sheet #1 | Addendum Sheet #2 | Addendum Sheet #3 | Addendum Sheet #4 | Planning Commission Recommended Draft

Proposed Zoning Map
Zoning Map.png
Click here to view map

Explanations of New Zoning Districts

Zoning Districts Explanations
C-N, C-C, C-R, O, BC-O, BC-I Commercial Zoning Districts
I-L, I-G, I-W, I-DW Industrial Zoning Districts
D-W, D-BC, D-MU, D-AD, D-FN Downtown Zoning Districts
MF-NS, MF-AC, MF-HR MultiFamily Zoning Districts
R-C Residential-Coastal Zoning Districts
SF-2, SF-4, SF-6, SF-10, SF-T Single Family Zoning Districts
Overlay Districts Overlay Districts

Summary of Proposed Changes
Quick Summary
Development Standards
Coastal Character District Pattern Book

If You Still Need Help
Phone: 757-664-4752

For information on the process and history of the ordinance update, please visit the Project Website