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Wards Corner Urban Development Area Study

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What is it?

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This study will develop a new vision for the Wards Corner area in Norfolk, building on its strengths and opportunities. The Commonwealth’s Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment has awarded a $120,000 grant to Norfolk to provide consultant services to identify and adopt urban development areas (UDA) into our comprehensive plan, plaNorfolk2030.  UDA’s are defined by the Code of Virginia as areas that incorporate principles of traditional neighborhood design—areas that are walkable, bikeable and green, with a variety of housing options, including mixed uses and mixed incomes.

Key opportunities and issues that need to be explored include:

  • Building on role as transportation hub
  • Planning for development in areas safe from rising waters
  • Building community consensus
  • Guiding transition to an Urban Development Area

Why this project?

A new plan that embraces the opportunities presented by Wards Corner, both currently and in the future, is needed.  The City adopted a plan for the Greater Wards Corner area in 2004.  However, this plan relied on the future strength of the retail market, something that never fully came into fruition, and on the ability to use eminent domain to spur economic development, something that was banned in Virginia shortly after the Wards Corner plan was adopted.  Some aspects of the plan were implemented, such as the redevelopment of the southeast quadrant of the intersection, but the result was a continuation of the traditional suburban, car dependent development pattern. 

Study Materials
Presentation #1 to Advisory Committee November 15, 2017
First Community Meeting Presentation February 7, 2018
Presentation #2 to Advisory Committee February 8, 2018
Presentation to Suburban Acres Civic League February 12, 2018
Presentation #3 to Advisory Committee April 11, 2018
Second Community Meeting Presentation June 20, 2018
Presentation #4 to Advisory Committee June 21, 2018
Full Buildout by Area June 20-21, 2018 Meetings
   Area 1  page size  large format
   Area 2  page size  large format
   Area 3  page size  large format

Materials from September 26, 2018 Meeting
Handout Video of Meeting Presentation

Links to Related Materials

Greater Wards Corner Plan 2004

How can I get more information?
Over the next 12 months, the City will be engaging with residents, property and business owners and developers with a stake in the Wards Corner area.  Look for notices of upcoming public meetings and contact the Norfolk Department of City Planning for more information:

Contact Information
Paula M. Shea, AICP
Principal Planner
(757) 664-4772